3D Printing from Merlin gives you the ability to easily test product designs using models made of tough ABS plastic.

The models are tough enough to be used as working parts.

Complex parts produced this way can be surprisingly cost effective, especially when comparing low volume to subtractive manufacturing methods.

We can produce models in various colours :

  • ABS Plastic – 9 Colours to choose from

Test Form, Fit And Function

You can make complex assemblies that work. Pieces formed by our Printers actually snap or fit together. The prototypes can withstand rigorous functional testing and retain their exact dimensions. Also, the models can be drilled, tapped, sanded, even painted.

Cut Weeks Off Your Design Cycle

Our printing could create prototypes in just hours – often ready next day.

Catch Flaws Before They Become Disasters

The quick, inexpensive models from our additive manufacturing machines allow designers to now efficiently model multiple concepts right from their desktop. Catching flaws early in the design process can save you thousands of pounds!

3d printer
3D Print Colours